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God created you to be a part of His family. We show you how to accept His invitation and change your eternity.

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When we show you what God’s truth is and how it applies to you, you have a decision to make.
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Believers who choose this walk develop a heart of, “not my will but your will be done.” This is called discipleship. We connect you with those of like heart.
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Grace and Faith Bible Study

Your members can participate in Grace and Faith Bible Study that will renew their mind with the Word of God

Grace and Faith Bible Study at your location

We will show you how to set up a Grace and Faith Bible Study at your Church or location

Minister at your Church or Service

I will share God’s truths at your Church or Service in a way that is relevant and easily understood.


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He had You in Mind

The Holy Spirit said to me one day, “Do you realize that not everyone in heaven will have a perfect body?” I had to stop to think about that. I thought to myself, everything in heaven is perfect, How can that be? Then He spoke up and said, Jesus chose to bear the scars that were meant for you not just on Earth but, for […]

Be Anxious for Nothing?

But you don’t understand my situation.  If you were in my place, you would be anxious too.  Doesn’t God understand that my situation is different? All too often, we live in anxiety, worry, and doubt and attempt to justify it by thinking or saying, “anyone in my situation would be anxious, I’m only human.”  At some point in our Christian walk, we are going to […]

Who are you… When you don’t get what you want?

It would be wonderful to go through life and to have all your expectations met, to have people to do what you want them to do, what you think they should do, what you think it is right for them to do. But what happens when those same people don’t meet your expectations? Do you become another person? Do you let them know what you […]

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I was so blessed when I read your blog articles on your website, especially the one about anxiety and how if I have asked Papa to do something then I need to just rest that He will and not doubt or run ahead and do it myself, creating an Ishmael…lol…that does not bless Him. I also liked the “bubbles” one too,….. I got something out of all you had written.  You are a mighty man of God brother!

Sue Ellen W. Charis Bible College Graduate, Bible Study Leader

I wanted to thank you for pouring into Barry and I all the things that God has poured into you. You have made a lasting impact on our lives and we will never forget it.

Heather Marie S. Student - Charis Bible College

As the Vice President of Charis Bible College, I have had the distinct privilege of getting to know Roger Williams. During the 2+ years Roger has been here, I have found him to be a true leader with a heart for the Kingdom of God and the Body of Christ. Not only does he have a passion for the Word but also a gift of teaching that makes him well loved by the students both in and out of the classroom.

Gary L. Vice President, Charis Bible College

Roger has a “golden voice” that captivates the audiences he addresses and he always brings a timely and powerful message from the Word that causes people to think, touches them on a heart level, and motivates them to act on the Word they have heard.

Pastor Greg M. Director, Charis Bible College, Colorado

I have had the privilege to listen to him teach at Charis Bible College and we have given him a regular elective to teach each school year. Most importantly I know both his heart and revelation and believe that Roger can communicate the true Gospel of Grace to a willing audience.

Tim M. Alumni Relations Supervisor, Charis Bible College, Colorado

I have known Roger Williams for several years. I have heard Roger teach numerous time and each time it has been revelatory and a blessing to me and those who heard him. Roger has a strong grasp on sound Christian doctrine and can communicate it in an easy to understand manner. He makes the Word very practical and memorable for those who hear him.

Pastor Rick M. Dean of Education, Charis Bible College, Colorado

I think you’re a great leader because you listen to His voice and you’re a conduit to sharing wisdom and changing lives. You have a gift of bringing the Gospel to a practical level that common folk can digest and understand, especially when in crisis.

Jeff S. Accountant, GSD&M Advertising

I have known Roger for 3 years, both as a student, and as a faculty member here at Charis Bible College. Roger is an anointed speaker and carries the Heart of God. I would highly recommend Roger as a guest speaker.

Mark J. Director of Night School, Charis Bible College, Colorado